Franchise Solutions

Franchise Solutions diversifies its portfolio by investing in multiple franchises based in Malta. Although their primary emphasis is on the domestic food and beverage franchise market, they aim to expand their reach by investing in overseas ventures. Additionally, they provide assistance to companies seeking to acquire franchises or develop their own distinct concepts and identities. 


Franchise Solutions is in the process of launching numerous official illy Caffè outlets in Malta, with the ambition to expand to other cross border territories.



Franchise Brand Sourcing

With our extensive industry knowledge and networks, we are well-positioned to identify and acquire lucrative franchise brands on behalf of our clients.



Franchise Consultancy

Our experienced team of franchise management experts can assist you with all aspects of running a successful franchise, from recruitment and training to marketing and operations.


Are you interested in one of our existing brands? We can help you develop a sub-franchising plan that is tailored to your location and objectives, and guide you through the process.


Turning Brands Into Franchises

Our company can help you expand your business by connecting you with potential investors in local and overseas markets.



Do you have a brand?